Putin is dead, but the Kremlin replaced him with a double

Putin is dead, but the Kremlin replaced him with a double

According to a source, the bloody dictator’s recent speeches may have been recorded in advance.
Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to British media, is either already dead or will die soon. If the bloody dictator has indeed passed away, the Kremlin has replaced him with a double and will be hiding his death for a long time to come.

The Daily Star reports this, citing sources in British intelligence MI6.
“Russian leader Vladimir Putin may already be dead, as MI6 sources say he may have been replaced by a double. This follows intense speculation about the health of the warmonger,” the tabloid states.

According to the newspaper, British intelligence says the dictator, who unleashed a bloody war in Ukraine and is responsible for the deaths of peaceful Ukrainians, is seriously ill. If Putin is already dead, his henchmen are simply trying to hide it from the world, so they want to stay in power longer.

A source told the Daily Star that Putin’s recent speeches may have been recorded in advance. In addition, at public events, such as the parade in Moscow on May 9, not the dictator himself, but his doppelgangers may have been present.

“Putin is very ill, and when he dies, his death will be kept secret for weeks, if not months… There is also the possibility that he is already dead. It’s impossible to know. It is believed that Putin has used doppelgangers in the past when he was ill, and the Kremlin may be doing it now,” a British intelligence source is quoted as saying.

It is also reported that Putin runs high-ranking officials who are completely loyal to him. These henchmen are very afraid, the Daily Star reports, that if the dictator dies a coup will break out in the Kremlin and Russian generals will want to stop fighting in Ukraine.

“Putin’s death would make them helpless and vulnerable, so they have a vested interest in saying Putin is alive, when in fact it could be the opposite,” the source added.

Earlier, UNIAN already reported that Putin, according to media reports, has a severe form of cancer and has two to three years to live.