Monkeypox virus disease

Monkeypox virus disease

How is monkeypox transmitted?

The viral disease is transmitted by airborne or contact disease from an animal. If you compare this virus to covid, the latter is much more contagious. It takes very close and prolonged contact with a sick person to get monkeypox.

Symptoms of the virus

Scientists distinguish three main symptoms of monkeypox:

  • fever;
  • Headaches, back and muscle pain;
  • A characteristic rash on the body;
  • vesicles.

Very often the disease can manifest itself in a mild form, last for a few weeks and disappear on its own. However, there are also cases where a person was severely affected by the virus. In particular, between 1% and 15% of deaths have been recorded. The hardest to bear smallpox is in children.

How to protect yourself from the danger?

The WHO has provided several recommendations on how to reduce the risk of contracting this variant:

  • avoid contact with sick primates;
  • avoid close contact with strangers and especially travelers;
  • try to reduce the consumption of meat from wild animals (it is better to exclude it from your diet altogether);
  • Practice good hygiene and regularly treat your hands with antiseptic products;
  • Protect yourself during intercourse with your partner, especially if you do not know each other well enough.

Experts say that this strain of the virus has a low level of danger to society, which means that it is not on the verge of a global outbreak. Nevertheless, don’t forget about the main rules of personal safety and timely passing all necessary vaccinations.