Woman With Kevin Samuels Viral Video. Watch Online.

Woman With Kevin Samuels Viral Video. Watch Online.
Woman With Kevin Samuels Viral Video. Watch Online.

Kevin Samuels has been confirmed dead, and women are reacting. The news of the death of a popular youtuber and self-proclaimed love guru has sent social media into a frenzy as people discuss the life of Kevin Samuels, who was an Atlanta-based image consultant and dating guru.

News of Samuels’ sudden death circulated on social media all day Thursday as many speculated about his advice, primarily to women in the black community. His advice regarding dating and relationships was not well received by women in the black community, in particular, many considered him a misogynist and constantly attacked women in the black community.

On Friday, his mother, Beverly Samuels-Berch, confirmed that the youtuber, who had 1.4 million subscribers, had died. Samuels-Berch gave no details about the circumstances surrounding the 56-year-old man’s death, only complaining that she learned of his death from social media users.

“It was awful for social media to put that out there. I didn’t even know. I wasn’t even notified,” NBC News reported . “All I’m doing is asking people to pray for us.”

A police report on the incident was released from the Atlanta Police Department, which says the officers in question responded after a 911 call from East Paces Ferry Road NE Thursday morning “regarding the victim.”

According to the report, which gives the apartment number, the arriving officer met with first responders from the fire department, who performed CPR on Samuels as he lay on the floor of his apartment.

The woman, whose name also appears in the report, is said to have called 911. According to the report, the woman said she met Samuels on May 5 and came to his apartment to spend the night with him. She added that early that night he complained of chest pains, and when she tried to help him, he fell on top of her. The report says the woman, who identified herself as a nurse, also asked the emergency operator to contact the front desk and get a defibrillator so Samuels would not respond. He was later taken to Piedmont Hospital.

Meanwhile, social media users were divided over the death of Samuels, who had become popular for his outrageous dating and relationship advice. He particularly focused on women, but his views were polarizing, as many believed he constantly attacked women in the black community. Just last month, he sparked outrage when he called unmarried women over 35 “leftovers” who no one wants.