Video anestesista

Video anestesista

ANESThesiologist: There is a video of an anesthesiologist raping a patient during childbirth.
The case of an anesthesiologist suspected of raping a patient in the operating room during a C-section shocked the nation.

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, 32, was arrested red-handed. The crime was uncovered by officers at the surgical center of Muller Heloneida Studart Hospital in São João de Meriti, Baixada Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro.

The images show a patient lying on a stretcher and unconscious while the team begins a C-section.

A few inches away from his colleagues, the anesthesiologist unzips his pants, sticks his dick out, and rapes the woman for ten minutes.

When you’re done, take a napkin and wipe the victim to cover up the evidence of the crime.
Public health nurses and orderlies would be suspicious of the behavior and the amount of sedation the doctor gave the pregnant women during the other two surgeries on Sunday (Oct. 7). During the third surgery, he was caught injecting drugs into a patient.

Video anestesista?