Why you can’t go to the cemetery alone

Why you can’t go to the cemetery alone

Do not visit a cemetery alone. Take someone with you to help you search or in case of a flat tire, sprained ankle, or other emergency.

Before you start your trip, know exactly where you are going. If you are traveling a long distance or to an unfamiliar area, be sure to let someone know where you are going. Many remote cemeteries may not have cell service.

What not to do in a cemetery. Superstitions

  • Enter the cemetery only through the side entrance (through the central entrance – only at funerals) with open hands. And if you have a bag in your hand, then do not clasp it in the palm of your hand. It is necessary to re-hang the bag so that all fingers and hands are open.
  • Do not turn around when leaving the cemetery.
  • Do not enter the cemetery after sunset. Do not go to the dead person empty-handed, always take food and drink for the deceased.
  • Leaving the cemetery, drop a ransom – a few coins on the grave.
  • If something has fallen in the cemetery, you don’t need to pick it up – leave it for the dead
  • Do not complain about life near the grave, otherwise the deceased will take you to himself. It is unacceptable to come to the graveyard in open sandals or high-heeled shoes.
  • It is a bad omen to stumble in a cemetery. Even worse, a fall.
  • You can’t talk about successes and accomplishments in life in the cemetery, lest you leave everything here.
  • Always leave the cemetery the way you came.
  • After visiting the cemetery shoes should be discarded, so as not to bring the earth from the cemetery into the house, and to warm feet over the fire of a church candle or in hot water.
  • After the funeral, you can not go in to visit – you will bring death to the house, in which you entered.
  • Cats or other animals in the cemetery are the souls of the dead. A black cat is a witch or the gusty soul of a sinner, and a white cat is the soul of a righteous person.

Why pregnant women should not go to the cemetery

There is a superstition that children and pregnant women are forbidden to visit funerals and resting places. The spirits of the dead can take an infant’s soul with them, or another’s soul can take up residence in them.

Yes, it is better for pregnant women not to go to the cemetery, not because the baby will be affected by the forces of darkness, but because it is additional stress. In fact, everything depends on the decision of the expectant mother. If she does not want to have extra worries, it is better to go to church, pray and hold a memorial service for the deceased.
But if grief happened long ago and a woman is confident that her psyche is able to withstand such a shock, then, being pregnant, it is possible to visit a cemetery.