Why were fake eyelashes invented

Why were fake eyelashes invented

The history of the appearance of false eyelashes!

The history of the appearance of eyelash extensions goes all the way back to the Hollywood make-up rooms in the 20’s, when Hollywood’s chief makeup artist was a legendary makeup artist of the XX century, whose name is known throughout the world, and in whose honor the cosmetics brand Max Factor was named.

In 1927, working as the chief makeup artist in the musical “Chicago”, Max Factor invented the world’s first false eyelashes, which were designed for actress Phyllis Haley, who brilliantly played the role of Roxy. The musical was a resounding success, and the audience was delighted with the mesmerizing beauty, expressive look of the actress. After all, beautiful fluffy eyelashes from the screens looked more attractive than their own, and this naturally attracted the eyes of the audience and Hollywood masters.

Max Factor, his discovery, revolutionized the world of cosmetology. The material for the build-up was a fringe, which was carefully glued to a thread, then the resulting structure was carefully attached to the upper eyelid. But this build-up had many drawbacks: at close range lashes looked unnatural, the minimum duration of wear and expensive services, which could only afford movie stars. A new surge in popularity of eyelash extensions occurred in the 50’s, when the service of lash extensions could be used not only by actresses and TV presenters, but also by ordinary girls who wanted fluffy eyelashes.

During the 20 years since the creation of the first artificial eyelashes, the technology of eyelash extensions has been improved every year, and as a result the eyelashes received a more natural look. But, despite the reduction in the cost of services, mainly the owners of long false eyelashes were still the stars of the TV screens.

Japan is an amazing country, which, along with the latest technology and innovative developments in various fields, such a reverent attitude to the natural beauty. And it is logical that in Japan in the early 21 st century were created eyelashes, which have a natural look. The essence of the new technology is as follows: each eyelash was collected into a bundle. With the help of a special gel, the bundles were attached to the eyelid. This technology is called bunch eyelash extensions. A few years later, a new technology was introduced in Japan – eyelash extensions. This technology has created a real furore. Japanese have developed an eyelash, which is fundamentally different in structure from its predecessors, because the base of the eyelash is thicker, and the tip – thinner. This gives even more expressiveness to the look. The eyelashes are so similar to the natural eyelashes that it is impossible to tell them apart. The new technology allows using a special glue to fix each eyelash one by one to the base of the upper eyelid.

Now, the extensions look as natural as possible, because the eyelashes are made from a material similar in composition to the hairs of mink or sable.