Why is the tip of the penis mushroom shape

Why is the tip of the penis mushroom shape

Why is the tip of the penis mushroom shape?

It turns out that the mushroom cap shape of the head is a trick of nature that allows a man to… to dispose of his rival’s sperm and become a father in his place. If he comes into contact with a woman after his rival has already been in his place, the thickening at the base of the head serves to literally scoop out the enemy’s semen during the act. Such is the trick of evolution.

The penis can tell something about the host’s brain.

According to studies, if the penis leans to the left in a relaxed state – it most likely means that the guy is better developed in the left hemisphere, which means he is strong in math and is endowed with an analytical mind. And if it is to the right – its possessor has the right hemisphere, which means that he is a creative person and has a better developed intuition and emotional sphere.

Smoking can not only cause erectile dysfunction, but also slightly shorten your penis.

All because this addiction affects blood vessels and disturbs blood circulation.

The stronger the orgasm, the more powerful the ejaculation.

By how far the sperm splashed during ejaculation, you can judge how pleased your partner was with your manipulations.

The penis and the clitoris are essentially the same organ.

More precisely, they have the same origin and similar structure. The fetus in the womb until the eighth week develops regardless of whether it is born a boy or a girl. And only then, depending on the chromosomal set received at conception, future human beings have differences in the structure of the genital system. And either the clitoris or the phallus is formed from the same embryo.