What happened to Medusa

What happened to Medusa

What does the Gorgon Medusa symbolize?

HORGONA – in Greek mythology, a female image with snakes instead of hair, boar teeth, golden wings and bronze legs – is the most blatant embodiment of hostile evil, the Great Mother in her terrible aspect of the destroyer, horror.

Why did Athena turn Medusa?

The fact is that the enraged goddess of organized war turned Medusa and her sisters into monsters after the lord of the waves, who turned into a bird, possessed Medusa in the goddess’ temple – there Medusa was taking refuge from Poseidon’s pursuit.

Who raped Medusa?

The god Poseidon, turning into a bird, raped Medusa in the temple of the goddess Athena, where Medusa rushed to seek protection from Poseidon’s pursuit. The gods were angry at Medusa for desecrating the temple and ordered Athena to punish her.

How was Medusa Gorgon killed?

Armed with this gift, Perseus arrived at the gorgons. Rising into the air on winged sandals, he was able to cut off the head of the mortal Medusa, one of the three gorgon sisters, looking into the reflection on Athena’s polished copper shield – for the direct, direct look on Medusa’s face turned all living things to stone.

Why did Perseus kill Medusa the Gorgon?

Polydectus plotted to forcibly take the beautiful Danaë as his wife, but Danaë hated the stern king Polydectus. Perseus stood up for his mother. Polydectus became angry, and from that time on he thought only of one thing – how to destroy Perseus. In the end, the cruel Polydectus decided to send Perseus to get the head of Medusa the gorgon.

How many snakes are there on the Gorgon’s head?

Gorgons lived in the far West near the banks of the Ocean River. Although all three Gorgons had snakes instead of hair, only Medusa had the wonderful gift of mesmerizing people with her gaze (according to Ovid, both literally and figuratively) and she alone was mortal.