NFL app on roku not working

NFL app on roku not working
NFL app on roku not working

Many NFL fans have been facing some issues with the app. The most common ones reported are related to matches not playing, poor performance, and the app not recognizing the NFL+ subscription.

NFL app not playing or playing incorrect matches

Recent reports suggest that many NFL app users are unable to watch matches.

Once they open the app and try to watch an NFL game, they either get redirected to a different match or the stream doesn’t start at all.

It doesn’t seem limited to a particular match since users have tried streaming multiple different matches but had the same issue.

NFL+ subscription not being recognized

Another issue seems to be with the NFL+ subscription not being recognized on the NFL app .

Whenever a user taps on a match to watch it, they get an error message that says you need a TV provider account in order to view games.

This basically defeats the purpose of paying for the NFL+ subscription since users can just view the game directly via TV then.

I have been trying all game to get NFL+ to work. I keep getting an error message that says we need a TV provider. That’s not what was advertised. Your tech support team seems to have checked out after I sent the request. Your response is embarrassing.

Why does @NFL plus not let me watch games even with a subscription. Like what was the point of subscribing if I need to link my tv provider anyway. Trash ass app

Slow streaming and app performance

Other users are reporting an issue where the stream keeps buffering for too long or is just slow in general.

The NFL app’s general performance has left many users disappointed with the constant issues like crashing, not opening, switching between games, and many long pauses with nothing but the field in the background.

Hey @nfl, what’s up with your app broadcast? Soooo many very long pauses with absolutely nothing but the field in the background.

For a sport that is so popular in the US, NFL needs to make significant improvements to its app. In its current state, fans aren’t getting the best experience.