Who is Belle Delphine. Belle Delphine returned to instagram

Who is Belle Delphine. Belle Delphine returned to  instagram

Biography Belle Delphine

Belle Delphine is a British Instagram star who became famous not only for her sexy images, but also for her bold, epathetic antics. For example, selling cans of water that she bathed in.


The real name of the scandalous internet star is Mary-Belle Kirchner, she was born in Cape Town, South Africa, on October 23, 1999. Shortly after her daughter was born, the Kirchner family moved to the UK, to the port city of Leamington. Belle did not graduate from high school. She left school at fourteen and worked as a waitress and nanny. It is not known who Belle’s parents are; she is careful to keep her family information private. According to some reports, Belle is half Japanese, but she has not commented on this fact.

Who is Belle Delphine. Belle Delphine returned to instagram

Launch of her internet career

Belle first made herself known by starting a Facebook account in 2014, where she posted photos of her cosplay hobby, but she soon deleted her page, opting for Instagram. Under the pseudonym Belle Delphine she posted photos in pink and blue wigs, in relaxed poses and revealing clothes, but it was not only the art of cosplay that brought her fame. In many ways, she became famous for her “orgasmic” facial expression, which is called anhegao in Japanese manga culture. When choosing her outfits for the photos, Belle skillfully balanced on a thin and dangerous line between viciousness and innocence.

In parallel with her Instagram-blog Belle developed a YouTube-channel, which also enjoyed extraordinary popularity. Despite the fact that Belle’s works could not be classified as sexually explicit materials, her YouTube channel was blocked, but after numerous fans’ requests the blocking was lifted.

In March 2018, the girl started Patreon, offering fans not only exclusive photos, but also the possibility of a private conversation in Skype. Fans estimate Belle’s monthly income from Patreon alone was $2,500. Gamer Girl Bath Water In June 2019, Belle Dolphin’s name was recognized even by those who didn’t follow the beauty’s social media accounts. She decided to sell water in which she took a bath. The price of the beautifully designed jar was £24 (about $30).

Gamer Girl Bath Water

Who is Belle Delphine. Belle Delphine returned to instagram

In June 2019, Belle Dolphin’s name was recognized even by those who did not follow the beauty’s social media accounts. She decided to sell water in which she took a bath. The price of the beautifully designed jar was £24 (about $30).

Surprisingly, the water sold. Internet users posted on the net the fate of the contents of the jars: one boiled pasta on this water, another filled it into an electronic cigarette, a third just drank it in front of the camera.

The initiative almost ended in a scandal: about 50 customers said they had contracted herpes after drinking water from Belle Dolphin. Belle was surprised by this turn of events, because the bottle of water was just a souvenir and was not intended for drinking, as the label stated. Analysis of the liquid showed that the water did not contain any particles of the girl’s DNA, which inevitably should have been there. “Gamer Girl Bath Water” turned out to be regular tap water.

The excitement surrounding the event divided the public into two camps: some considered Belle’s antics stupid and vulgar, while others called those who dared to buy water in which, as the packaging said, Belle was frolicking, stupid and vulgar. In an interview published in The Guardian a month later, Belle expressed concern about the bizarre reactions to her bizarre actions, but also hinted at new, even more provocative and bizarre ideas.

Instagram Blocked

In early 2019, Belle’s Instagram account, which had nearly 4.5 million followers, was blocked. As the star told fans via Twitter, she planned to contact the administration of the social network to unblock it. However, a spokeswoman for the company did not give a reason for the blocking, citing privacy policies and the fact that Belle’s activities violate community principles.
After disappearing from fan view for several months, the girl returned to the network in the fall of 2019, tweeting a photo allegedly from a police station. According to Belle, she ended up at the police station because her hamster was stolen and she tried to rescue it from someone else’s hands. Fans of the British “pixie,” probably remembering the bathwater story, didn’t believe it. By the way, they had their reasons not to believe Belle, because the British law enforcement system publishes photos on the law enforcement website only after a citizen has been charged. Found guilty of yet another fake, Belle continued to provoke the public. In June of 2020 a video she made with American rap star 6ix9ine was posted on YouTube, and a month later she released a music video for the song “I’m Back” which, despite the already accustomed to many grimaces and mediocre vocal data, garnered nearly 35 million views.

By the fall of 2020, the YouTube channel of the controversial star had about 2 million subscribers, which did not save the channel from another blocking with the phrase “repeated violation of YouTube’s policy regarding nudity or sexually explicit content. Since early 2020, Mary-Belle has been developing a new Instagram blog in which she tries to behave more discreetly. Although she stays true to herself, preferring revealing outfits and regularly doing tricks with rolling her eyes and sticking out her tongue, she has not been successful in the past. Within a year and a half of the blog’s existence, Belle’s number of subscribers has reached half a million, and the media are hinting that her glory days are behind her. The girl moved to the service OnlyFans, where she has the opportunity to sell her photos for money.

Personal life Belle Delphine

Belle prefers not to spread about the details of her personal life. However, she has repeatedly hinted that she has a boyfriend and has been dating him since 2017, even before she became famous as Belle Delphine.

Belle loves to paint and loves snowboarding, and she has a cat and several hamsters living in her house.

Belle Delphine Now

In late November 2020, Kirchner hinted at the imminent release of an “adult film” starring the girl herself and her boyfriend. On her OnlyFans account, she even gave a date – December 25, Christmas Day. Most fans thought Belle’s statement was just another fiction to get attention, but the video came out nonetheless.

he social networks Belle is constantly blocked because of too explicit content: she lost her profile in TikTok, her channel on YouTube, several pages on Instagram. However, the girl does not care: according to her, subscriptions to Onlyfans bring her about a million dollars a month – at a monthly subscription cost of $35. There’s a flip side to the coin: now her mother, who doesn’t like the fact that her daughter is selling adult content, doesn’t communicate with her. But Belle’s boyfriend’s relatives don’t consider this way of earning money to be anything reprehensible. Belle is not liked either by conservative people, who consider a girl who dropped out of school and earns money by selling candid photos a bad example for the younger generation, or by the progressive public, especially Twitter users, for her controversial content. For example, a photo of Belle and her boyfriend faking her kidnapping with the caption “Perfect First Date” caused a storm of outrage on the social network, with some calling for the girl to be “censored” for promoting abusive relationships and photos not marked NSFW [Not Safe For Work – i.e. content not suitable for viewing at work, with colleagues or bystanders.

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