What Kid Rock said about Oprah

What Kid Rock said about Oprah

Country rocker and rapper Kid Rock was captured on video as he lashed out at Oprah Winfrey with a vulgar tirade on stage at his Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll steakhouse in Nashville, Tennessee.

“I like it, Oprah Winfrey or Joy Behar, they can suck a hell of a side,” Rock said, according to a video posted on TMZ.

“To hell with Oprah Winfrey and to hell with Kathie Lee Gifford,” he continued when someone in the audience called him “drunk out of his mind.”

Rock kept repeating the same phrases throughout his tirade against Winfrey and other female talk show hosts until he suddenly believed he would be accused of racism based on his remarks on stage.

“I’m not the bad guy in this equation,” Rock went on to say. “I’m the guy you want to see, like, hey, he’s pretty cool.”

After his outbursts against Winfrey, “The View” co-host Joy Behar and TV host Kathie Lee Gifford, Rock was reluctantly escorted off the stage by venue security.

Hours after the video of the incident went viral on social media, Rock tweeted that his “people tried to get me on the Oprah Winfrey show years ago, and her people wanted me to write 5 reasons why I love her and her show … I said: “Fuck it and fuck her. End of story.”

This isn’t the first time Rock has publicly lashed out at famous women in the entertainment industry.

In August, he accused pop star Taylor Swift of wanting to “be a Democrat because she wants to be in the movies.”

‘ And it looks like she’ll be sucking on Hollywood’s doorknob to get there. Oldest move in the book. Good luck, girl,” he tweeted on Aug. 9.

Last year, Rock was fired from his role as head marshal of the Nashville Christmas Parade after appearing on “Fox & Friends.”

In 2008, he called Winfrey his “real-life villain,” adding that he didn’t believe her “because I’m not one of the 150 million brainwashed women who heed her every word.”

Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse, where the latest incident took place, sparked controversy back in January after a huge neon sign depicting a facsimile of women’s buttocks was installed on its premises. The Nashville City Council eventually allowed it to keep the sign, despite strong opposition from some members who felt the image left a vulgar impression of the city on tourists.