What happened to Tafida Raqeeb

What happened to Tafida Raqeeb

What happened to Tafida Raqeeb?

Tafida, of Newham, East London, suffered from a rare condition that caused blood vessels to become entangled with abnormal connections between her arteries and veins.

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She had been on life support since she lost consciousness in February 2019.

Her parents wanted to send her to Italy for treatment after doctors at a hospital in Genoa examined Tafida via video link and told her family they were ready to take care of her.

But doctors at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel said there was no hope for her and letting her die was in her best interest.

Tafida Raqeeb, a British schoolgirl suffering from brain damage, is recovering in an Italian hospital after British doctors abandoned her chances of survival.

Her parents won a historic court case, allowing them to take their daughter to Italy to save her life.

Two and a half years after a blood vessel suddenly burst in her brain, Raqeeb is alive, contrary to the dire predictions of her British doctors.

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In 2019, the U.K. High Court rejected medical professionals’ argument that Raqeeb could not be helped and therefore her life-support system should be turned off. In its response, the court cited the “sanctity of life.”

Raqeeb was then transferred to a hospital in Genoa, Italy, where doctors continued to support her. Within three months, they said, she had recovered enough to be transferred out of intensive care.

Her parents, Shelina Begum and Mohammed Raqeeb, of East London, said Raqeeb has now begun breathing on her own, without the need for a ventilator.

They said she “continued to make progress, defying all the pessimistic expectations of specialists at various British hospitals.”

Although the Italian doctors never promised a cure, they said they could keep her alive to see if her condition would improve.