Talitha du Valle died. Talitha du Valle TiK ToK

Talitha du Valle died.  Talitha du Valle  TiK ToK

A Brazilian female sniper and former model who died during Russian shelling during fighting in Ukraine died of suffocation after being trapped in a burning bunker, her family said.

Talitha Du Valle, 39, died June 30 during the fighting for Ukraine in Kharkiv.

The model-turned-sniper was trapped in a bunker during artillery fire, her brother said

The bunker was set on fire with her inside and she suffocated, brother and sister revealed Talitha had previously fought on the side of Kurdish forces in the fight against ISIS in Iraq.

Who was Talitha do Valle?

Talitha do Valle studied law after working as a model and actress. She was also involved in animal rescue with NGOs. In her videos, the sniper documented how she received sniper training when she joined the Peshmerga, the armed forces of independent Iraqi Kurdistan.
Before she died, a writer worked with her to translate her Ukrainian experience into a book. Valle’s brother, Teo Rodrigo Viera, said she was a hero who wanted to save lives and participated in humanitarian missions. Valle was only in Ukraine for three weeks, working not only as a sniper but also as a rescuer. She also provided cover from advancing Russian troops.

Talitha do Valle TiK ToK.