Mother and daughter Bebop and Bebe from tiktok, in danger

Mother and daughter Bebop and Bebe from tiktok, in danger

Bebop & Bebe is one of tiktok’s popular creators. To date, Bebop & Bebe’s tiktok account has reached 86.5K subscribers and 105 short videos have been published on tiktok. Most of their videos are based on Public Figure, which has gained the attention and love of many followers. Bebop & Bebe is currently ranked 504702 in the global tiktok ranking and 482615 in the tiktok ranking.
The mother-daughter duo from TikTok, became famous for sharing cosplay and lip-syncing videos on their shared account.

Mother and daughter Bebop and Bebe from tiktok, what’s wrong with them

Many users are alarmed by the amount of makeup on the girl, as well as the clothes the child wears such as a cop-shaped choker, or a leash. You can also notice a strange layout of the room. Comments suggest that the mother and daughter may be in danger. Users were alarmed that mother and daughter might be in danger.

In the comments, they wrote:

Started following this account out of curiosity… in several videos i see cameras/speakers in the corner of the room. and if you look very closely where the walls meet the ceiling, you can totally tell the walls are fake, like a movie set. i feel like the child and mother are in serious danger

There are also videos where the background is clearly a green screen, plus their faces always look scared/sad. I feel like we are about to see a real crime document of them.

The Bepops last name is Bardo, and their agent (maybe the father?) was already in jail for armed robbery. Breadrollravioli also shows the speakers in the corner of the “room” and how they were covered up as soon as they were spotted. Someone also stated that they saw her daddy, mommy and bebop at the cheerleading audition and daddy was very angry and the little girl had to keep giving him money to calm him down? He said they were wasting his time. I really think the “room” is some kind of kit. The paint and everything at the top in some of the videos is so out of sync. There is even a video of bebop wearing a cop costume and a necklace-cocker 🤮. Another video of her on a leash. Something is definitely going on.

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