How did Archie Battersbee get injured

How did Archie Battersbee get injured

He was hospitalized in an accident while trying to replicate the dangerous TikTok challange of kids cutting off their own breathing.

The teenager was found in his home with a wire around his neck.The medics insist that Archie is brain dead and there is no point in keeping him alive with the machines.

The UN demanded that 12-year-old Briton Archie Battersby not be taken off life support. The parents should be given time to appeal the court’s decision, the document said.Archie has been in a coma since April.

The parents of a 12-year-old British boy in a coma after suffering a “catastrophic” head injury three months ago have lost a court appeal to prevent doctors from terminating his life-supporting treatment.

According to court documents, Archie Battersby was found unconscious in his home on April 7 with a “tie” around his neck. His mother, Holly Dance, said she believed he suffocated when he tried the viral Internet fad known as the Blackout Challenge.

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Mom sues TikTok after 10-year-old dies in attempted “Blackout Challenge”

Doctors at the Royal London Hospital, where the boy is being treated, believe his brain is dead and that his body will eventually collapse even if life support continues.

According to the Guardian, the lawyer for the boy’s parents told the court that his mother saw her son breathing independently of the ventilator on Friday and Saturday. mentioned.

according to Court documentsDance also mentioned that she felt Archie squeeze her hand. Medical personnel said they saw “no sign of spontaneous life” in him, even during the traumatic procedures.

Speaking to reporters Monday outside London’s Crown Court, where three appeals court judges upheld an earlier ruling that continued life-support treatment was not in Archie’s best interests, Dance vowed not to give up the fight.

“The regime should not allow this to be done to people,” she said. “All I’ve asked for since day one is time … This is my little son, and I will fight as long as I can.”

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According to a lawsuit in the U.S. filed by Nayla Anderson’s mother, several children were killed while doing the Blackout Challenge after being seen on TikTok. A 10-year-old girl from Chester, Pennsylvania. Her mother found her hanging in a closet and was going to die in December. The girl, described by those who loved her as a precious, fun-loving “butterfly,” died in the hospital five days later.