Bryan Marchment cause of death.

Bryan Marchment cause of death.
Bryan Marchment cause of death.

Brian Marchment, a former NHL defenseman, died suddenly in Montreal on Wednesday, according to his agency. He was 53 years old. Let’s take a look at what happened, how Brian Marchment died and the cause of his death.

What happened to Brian Marchment?

ESPN’s Kevin Weeks was the first to break the news, saying Marchment was in Montreal for this week’s draft.

The Associated Press got confirmation of Marchment’s death from longtime agent Rick Curran. As a scout for the San Jose Sharks, Marchment was in Montreal for the NHL draft.

How did Brian Marchment die?

The Sharks released a statement saying, “Brian’s lifelong passion for hockey was unparalleled, and he was one of the most dedicated, physical and tough athletes to ever play the game.”

Cause of death

The official cause of death has not yet been disclosed. Brian Marchment had no pre-existing medical conditions that led to his death. Rumors on Twitter claim that his cause of death was a sudden heart attack. However, this is just speculation; there is no confirmed information to support this claim.

When the cause of Brian Marchment’s death becomes known, we will report it here.