Beyoncé offensive lyrics ‘Ableist Language’

Beyoncé  offensive lyrics ‘Ableist Language’

Beyoncé will record a new version of the song “Heated” from her recent album “Renaissance”. It was reported by the BBC, citing representatives of the artist. The reason will be criticism from the community of people with disabilities.

Listeners were outraged by a line from the track in which the singer uses the expression spazzin’ on that ass. It means “to go crazy”, and the word spazz comes from the name of the disease – spastic cerebral palsy.

In the UK, spazz is often used to ridicule or humiliate people with cerebral palsy. According to Beyoncé’s representatives, the word has other meanings in the U.S., in light of which the singer used it in the song.

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“It was not used intentionally to cause harm,” the artist’s team said. Nevertheless, Beyoncé intends to change the lyrics so as not to offend fans. It is not known when it will be done.

Earlier, another performer, Lizzo, was subjected to similar criticism. She also used the word spazz in the song “Grrrls”. Lizzo re-released the track and apologized, saying she understood the power of the words.

What is ableist

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Ableism is discrimination against people with disabilities and developmental disabilities, as well as the creation and dissemination of stereotypes about them. Ableism has many manifestations, sometimes not the most obvious ones. Most often, the targets of discrimination are people with disabilities, in particular with disorders of the musculoskeletal system or mental development. But in a broader sense, everyone can suffer from eiblism if their health makes it difficult for them to do certain things that are elementary for an ordinary person. For example, a depressed person may have difficulty even getting out of bed and tidying up, while a sociophobe may have difficulty asking for directions or going to a job interview.